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Do I need safety Nets?

In most cases where there is a risk of falling - yes. The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 came into effect in April 2016. This Act includes some key changes to previous versions:Everyone is responsible for the health and safety of themselves, their workers and those that may be affected by their work (public)All risks (hazards) must be managed. If you create the risk. you must manage the risk. Therefore, where there is a risk of falling, you must include a form of fall protection to protect your workers.

Worksafe NZ has specified that fall protection must be provided if constructing above 1.5M

How much do safety nets cost?

We work off square meter rates which can vary depending on the difficulty of the job which is determined by the stud height, size of rooms and access.

Contact us for a quote.

A standard house typically costs between $600-$800

How do Safety Nets work?

The nets are designed to stretch.

Can I use my own safety nets?

Worksafe stipulates particular criteria for regularly testing nets and ensuring that current (in test) nets are installed.  Gotcha has procedures and systems in place to ensure that every net is regularly tested and current when installed.

A certified net installer needs to sign off each job to ensure that the nets are installed in accordance with the legal regulations.  Gotcha staff are certified installers with FASET training.

How far ahead do I need to book my Safety Nets?

We normally need 3-4 days to schedule your job in.  You can contact us as soon as your plans are out of council and ready to schedule, we will pencil you in and then confirm the date with you as it gets closer.

What location do you cover?

We have bases with staff in Tauranga and Hamilton.

We regularly install safety nets in Rotorua, Whakatane, Waihi, the entrie Waikato region.

See our locations here.

What if I need Nets installed in other locations?

We can either find someone in your area to do your job or if possible travel there and charge a bit more for the travel.

We are interested in employing others in other areas.

Someone has fallen into a net, what do I do?

1. Stop all work above and cordon off the area below the net

2. If the victim can move - climb to the nearest wall and exit the net. 

Go to step3. If the victim can't move or there is fear of back/neck injury - use a makeshift stretcher (plank) and support the victim from below.

4. Remove the net from its wall hooks. If this is not possible - cut the net around the victim.

5. Lower the stretcher and victim to the ground and administer first aid.

6. Contact Gotcha Safety Nets to come and reinstall the affected area. DO NOT WORK ABOVE A NET THAT SOMEONE HAS FALLEN INTO!

Can I stand in the nets?

This is a big no-no.Our nets are single use and are designed to stretch when you fall into them. This is to absorb the energy from a fall and reduce injury to the victim. When you walk in a safety net, it stretches the mesh which will compromise the safety of your installation.


How long does an installation take?

A standard 3-4 bedroom house with a 2.4m ceiling height will take us approximately 2 hours to install. This time can vary if your ceiling height is higher or the design of your home is unusual.

When should I book in nets?

The earlier you can notify us of an upcoming job, the better we can fit you in at the time you want. This applies to both installation and removal.Generally if you can give us 3 working days notice or more - we can be there when you need us.

What if my job has a delay?

We understand that construction is a hard thing to schedule and sometimes things just don't go to plan.If you've had a delayed delivery or need to put us off due to weather, please get in touch ASAP and we will reschedule you in our next available slot.