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It's important that our clients are aware of exactly how our nets work and what they should look out for to ensure that their installation remains effective.

When are safety nets needed?

Worksafe require fall arrest safety systems to be put in place for any construction / building that exceeds 1.5M above the ground to provide fall protection.  This is typically scaffolding outside of the building and safety nets within the building.  The safetynet allows ease of access within the building under the nets while providing a roof fall arrest system to protect roofers and builders standing trusses.

Worksafe require the nets to be tested each year and the nets must meet a pre determined force requirement.

Failure to provide fall requirements could lead to prosecution in the event of an accident.  As a safety net install and hire company we pride ourselves in being conscious of Health and Safety of our workers and our Builder customers.


Please read these guidelines to ensure our safety net installation is as effective as possible, should a fall occur. 

• Inspect safety nets daily for damage and debris, prior to use 
• Remove all debris immediately after it falls into the net 
• Provide a clear ‘stretch zone’ under the net. This includes installing bracing timber at angles steeper than 45 degrees 

• Walk or Stand in the safety net 
• Alter or adjust the installation 
• Allow any intentional loading to be subjected to the net; including materials, persons or tools. 
• Perform hot works above or near the safety net 
• Work above a safety net that has had loading subjected to it 
• Work above a safety net that is damaged 

If a someone falls into the safety net, they may attempt to climb out via the closest edge. If the person is unable to move, use a platform to support the person, while the safety net is removed from its hooks. 
Any loading shall be reported immediately to Gotcha Safety Nets via phone 027 GOTCHA 2 (027 468 2422) 

For more information visit the Worksafe website in the link below.