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Safety nets are the best and safest solution for fall protection on building and construction sites. It is an affordable solution that enables users to work confidently, free of harnesses and static lines.


We've been in the business since safety nets were first introduced to the New Zealand construction industry.


Our safety nets and attachments comply with the recognized British Standard EN1263-1 (2002) and are tested annually to ensure they continue to comply with this standard. All our nets are electronically tracked so we can check the status of a net anytime, anywhere.
Our staff are FASET trained safety net riggers. This involves an intensive initial course where they are trained to install nets to the recognized British Standard EN1263-2 (2002), as well as ongoing recurrency training.


Safety is important to us, so much that it's in our name! It is our number one priority to ensure our staff and clients are safe when using our installations. We regularly conduct internal audits on our installations and health and safety practices to ensure our installations are beyond the standard and that we are complying with the latest Health and Safety at Work Act.
Our strict adherence to WorkSafe guidelines and industry standards assure you that our installations are safe and reliable.